Orchid Better-Bloom® Plant Food

better-bloom lifestyleBetter-Gro® Orchid Better-Bloom® is a urea-free, professionally formulated plant food containing high-content phosphorous; a powerful blooming agent! This secret formula was developed by our own master growers and is used in our greenhouses to accelerate flowering, enhance bloom color and maximize bloom size. Better-Gro® Orchid Better-Bloom® provides the precise mix of ingredients and nutrients your orchids need to produce beautiful, vibrant and long-lasting blooms.

Use Better-Gro® Better-Bloom® Fertilizer at every fourth watering. Use one teaspoon per gallon of water, thoroughly soaking both the orchid’s root system and foliage. For normal fertilization of your orchids, use Better-Gro® Orchid Plus® plant food as directed.

  • Better-Gro® Orchid Better-Bloom® plant food contains a high content of phosphorus and is used to encourage flowering, enhance bloom color and maximize bloom size
  • Better-Gro® Orchid Better-Bloom® contains essential minor elements to combat deficiencies that occur with many soilless potting mixes
  • Better-Gro® Orchid Better-Bloom® contains no urea nitrogren
  • Developed by master growers; 11-35-15 formula
  • Convenient re-sealable bag

Net Weight 16oz. (.45 kg)

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